About me

Chief Strategic Thinker

As spearheading the operations and thinking tank of Platinum Investment Group, I am looking forward to new products and developments in technology that have a huge potential to benefit the mankind. Being a tech-savvy entrepreneur, I am intrigued by the latest inventions and always in the hunt for out of the box strategies for business success.  Long ignored by capital markets, ambitious tech entrepreneurs are the backbone of economic growth of any nation and provide a lucrative opportunity to investors.  At Platinum Investment Group, we help these entrepreneurs reach out the masses.

About me

A Sports Enthusiast

Besides my love for technology, I am a huge fan of sports, including the likes of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and, Calisthenics. I realize my unfulfilled dream of becoming a sportsperson by helping emerging and deserving athletes all over the globe in the form of sponsorship. To me sports sponsorships are not limited to advertising my company; instead, I use them to transform the mindset of people towards their lives. My long-term vision is to motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle and I believe athletes have that ability to change this world for good.

My Areas of Interest

Athlete Sponsorship

Lifestyle Promotion

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

Everything Tech

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Olivia Sanders


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